1. Dear Dr.Mackinnon
    Absolutely fantastic demonstration , and a wonderful video of a PIN decompression!! Have been a long time fan of your work and have seen it on Vumedi,Youtube and now on Passio.. thank you!!
    best regards
    Dr.parag shah

  2. Dear Dr.Mackinnon,

    You are an inspiration, keep it up. If you ever consider traveling the world and pass from the island of Cyprus do give us a shout, we could prepare a case for you to review and teach or even only take you and your team out for drinks!

    Thanks again to you and your team for putting together such nice teaching material, out for everyone to enjoy and learn from.

    You are a delight to watch

  3. Dear Dr Mackinnon,
    I have been a fan of your work especially teaching material already available on You Tube. Now with Passio, I have converted to being a disciple. It is next best thing to actually being there in OT with you, in fact I think I had a better view of dissection than the assistant had. My sincere thanks for this wonderful effort for teaching us and I hope to learn loads from Passio. Thanks again
    Yours Sincerely,
    Dr Nilesh Darawade
    Pune, India.

  4. Thank you so much for your clear excellent presentation. I have done 3 so far through this approach with excellent results( all pain free return to activities)

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