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Please read below for our Mission, History and Goals of our project.

Surgical Education Mission

This website represents our sheer passion for delivering master video education to surgeons with the core principle of improving patient outcomes at a global level. The education program evolved over 30 years of our own clinical and translational efforts to improve recovery for patients. We realized that practicing surgeons tremendously value continuous training to provide the topmost level of care for patients, especially when surgical innovations evolve at an exponential rate. Our program targets practicing surgeons by providing a real and genuine experience of continued medical education through the visual medium of video.

Through our educational and translational program, we provide advanced continuing education from master surgeons, who reveal their “recipes” for achieving success in providing the best standards of patient care. Our master surgeons are carefully vetted and internationally recognized as outstanding in their academics for translational laboratory experience, but also for their clinical and technical excellence in surgery. We believe that these surgeons deserve the best content production and educational program for disseminating their expertise to improve healthcare around the world. This is our mission and we inspire to deliver the best possible surgical education.


In addition, our content is continually improving based on your invaluable feedback on our videos and curriculum. This is where we are developing new and interesting ways for you to interact with our content. At the moment, our content is free. However, in order to ensure that we can provide real continued medical education, we need your help and support. Our team has grown so that we can continue generating new and great content. Below are support links and we hope you join us on our mission to create a fantastic educational experience. Thank you!


We started developing our video and educational program in 2011 through a grant from the Henry M. Jackson Foundation for advancing military medicine and deployment of an educational resource called Nerve Surgery (nervesurgery.wustl.edu) at Washington University. We began filming and producing surgical videos as part of this project and overtime, received outstanding feedback from the nerve community. From this feedback, we took time to reassess our videos to develop an education program and launched our new initiative. Because of you, our viewer, as well as your feedback, our educational program has progressed into this website.


Global Impact of Education