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Median Nerve Release in the Forearm

Compression neuropathy of the median nerve in the forearm, also known as pronator syndrome, typically presents with pain in the forearm +/- paresthesia/pain in the median nerve territory. The anterior interosseous nerve can be involved with a mononeuritis. While this usually resolves without surgery, occasionally will require this approach for reconstruction or release. Related anatomical structures include the lacertus fibrosus, deep head of pronator teres, arch of flexor digitorum superficialis, and fascia in the distal arm. Release of the median nerve in the forearm addresses these structures and decompresses the nerve in this area. This release is also a method for exposing the median nerve for reconstructive options. This patient presented with median nerve neuropathy in the forearm and hand. In addition to this forearm release, a carpal tunnel release was performed. This video portrays the median nerve decompression in the forearm. For acquiring adequate proximal exposure, a distal step-lengthening of the superficial head of pronator teres is performed. While surgical anatomy can differ from patient to patient, this patient had several tendinous fasciae as well as the deep head of pronator teres.

Standard 120816

Extended 120816




A lazy-S incision is made over the proximal forearm.


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