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Double Fascicular Transfer: Median Fascicle to Biceps Branch and Ulnar Fascicle to Brachialis Branch Nerve Transfers

The double fascicular transfer (DFT) includes two nerve transfers: (1) median fascicle to biceps branch and (2) ulnar fascicle to brachialis branch. The median fascicle contains nerve fibers that innervate flexor digitorum superficialis / flexor carpi radialis. The ulnar fascicle contains nerve fibers that innervate flexor carpi ulnaris. The donor fascicles can be used for either recipient nerves depending on the length required, but the nerve transfers described above are typically used. The DFT is used to restore elbow flexion when median and ulnar nerves are intact.

Standard 101111

Extended 101111




An incision on the medial aspect of the arm between the interval of the biceps and triceps.


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