Lectures Opioid Epidemic

Trends in Opioid Abuse: Prescription Abuse and Resurgence of Heroin

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Abuse of prescription opioids leaves patients vulnerable to overdose and death as heroin becomes more widely available. Theodore Cicero speaks on his 50-year experience as an endowed professor in psychiatry researching drug abuse. In this video lecture, Cicero provides the historical context from which the opioid epidemic emerges. He also explains the reasons for opioid addiction by telling several personal patient stories of abuse. Cicero discusses significant opioid sources, which includes doctor shopping, prescription theft, and forgery, and its impact on the current state of health. He also explains gender considerations and the importance of patient history, with respect to previous substance abuse and psychopathology. He documents current efforts for confronting the opioid epidemic and the importance of resolving fundamental psychiatric issues in patients as heroin abuse emerges. Overdose deaths from heroin is a significant national issue as the opioid becomes the first drug of abuse.

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