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Anterior Interosseous to Ulnar Motor Nerve Transfer

Injury to the ulnar nerve results in clawing of the hand due to lost of ulnar intrinsic hand muscles, lost of ulnar-innervated wrist/finger flexion, and numbness/pain within the ulnar nerve territory of the hand. To prevent clawing and reconstruct the ulnar intrinsic hand muscles, the anterior interosseous to ulnar motor nerve transfer is an available option. This involves transferring the distal pronator quadratus branch of the anterior interosseous nerve to the fascicular motor component of the ulnar nerve. This patient had an ulnar nerve injury following two ulnar nerve transpositions and reported pain and motor deficit immediately following surgery. He presented to our institution eight months post-injury and an end-to-end nerve transfer was elected due to the electrodiagnostic findings of fibrillations and no motor unit potentials by that time point. A Guyon’s canal release, flexor digitorum profundus tenodesis for grip strength, and second revision ulnar nerve transposition was performed. This video includes details on the Guyon’s canal release and anterior interosseous to ulnar motor end-to-end nerve transfer.

Standard 130912

Extended 130912




Ulnar incision from thenar crease, Brunner’s incision over wrist crease, and proximal forearm incision.


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